Ages 5 - 25

Art therapy can be very helpful for children and young people as their natural expressive language develops through art and play. Art therapy can assist with a child’s psychological, emotional, educational, social and physical development. The art therapist’s role is to facilitate communication of thoughts and feelings through the use of art and to enable understanding and insight, which may include:


Art therapists can help identify new strategies for managing feelings, thoughts and behaviours at home and at school. They can help to build resilience in the child and encourage and support the child and their parents / carers through the process of making positive changes. Art therapists can be commissioned by local authorities and not-for-profit organisations and can contribute to care plans, Personal Education Plans, Education Health and Care plans and multi-disciplinary working.

Events or circumstances such as changes in family structure, life threatening illness, bereavement, moving house, domestic abuse, trauma or being a new arrival in a school or area.

Emotional struggles: tearfulness, lack of confidence, coping with bullying, difficulty in expressing themselves, anxiety, depressive states, moody, withdrawal, bedwetting, sleep.

Behaviours: angry outbursts, physically lashing out, isolation, self-harm, compulsive behaviour, resistance in going to school, lack of social engagement or inappropriate social engagement.

Comments from parents, clients and teachers

"Since (child) has taken part in weekly art therapy sessions, I have seen a child who has formed from an angry, frustrated and aggressive and confused child to someone who has gained in confidence, taken more of an ownership to his actions, given him more of a purpose to come to school and ultimately, given him the chance to express himself that wouldn't have been possible during 'normal' lessons."


Teacher of 8 year old

"I was not clear on whether it would work for me, but as soon as we got stuck into the sessions, I thoroughly enjoyed them. Being able to see your subconscious talking through art is an amazing experience."


Client, age 24

"Thank you so much for all the support you gave to our daughter during the months you worked with her. It was a fantastic experience for her to have this time that was for her alone, and a supportive friend just for her. She had fun, and she clearly managed – through that fun – to do some really beneficial work with her fears."


Parent of client age 12